the curated classic camel coat
the curated classic camel coat review

I’ve practically worn The Curated Classic Coat daily during this past winter, and thought it would be helpful to write a review about my thoughts on this exquisite camel coat. 

A camel coat is always a great addition for any closet, don’t you agree? It’s a timeless piece that can be dressed down with a casual tee and denim or dressed up with a dress and boots. Whichever style you decide to go with, the richness of the camel color adds a touch of warmness and luxuriousness that can’t be beat. 


  • Color: Camel  
  • Material: 30% Royal Cashmere & 70% Merino Wool      
  • Made in: Inner Mongolia China
  • Pricing: $350
  • Care: Dry Clean; No Ironing (Steamer only)                                                           


The Curated Classic Camel Coat Review

the curated classic camel coat


The Classic Camel Coat runs true to size, so you should stick to the regular size you typically get for your coats. For reference, I am 5’4, 130 pounds and wear a size small. Since this coat is oversized, I could have sized down to an extra small; however, I really adore the oversized look and love that I can wear several layers underneath. The sleeves are slightly cropped but are perfect for me since I have short arms. If you are taller and have longer arms, they may be a little too short for you, so keep that in mind. 


This coat can be worn open or tied up with the belt. There are no belt loops, which helps keep the coat looking clean and seamless from top to bottom. Since there are no belt loops, you will have to place your belt in the pocket or in your purse when it’s not tied around your waist. It can look weird placing the belt in the pocket or bothersome to have to carry it around in your purse, so it may be best to just leave it at home when you don’t want to use it.

The coat looks luxurious, high quality and makes me feel extra elegant when I wear it. In addition, the color is a perfect hue of camel that looks fantastic on all types of skin tones. Even though it is oversized, I love that it has a tapered look without looking too “bathrobe-y.” 

The sleeves drape down the arm effortlessly without any bunching at the elbows. The two pockets are ginormous and can fit a plethora of things such as your phone or makeup. 

As for quality, I am thoroughly impressed, especially for the price. Other camel coats on the market can be at least 2 to 3 times of this one, which may not be affordable for everyone. I personally wouldn’t spend more than $1,000 for a coat, but that’s just me! Ideally, a high quality winter coat should last you several years, especially if it’s pricey. After wearing this coat several times, I can tell you that it feels first class and durable. It doesn’t stain easily and keeps its shape, even after its been folded up.

The coat is not too heavy and offers light to moderate warmth, so it’s perfect for fall-spring. Since it isn’t extremely thick, I wouldn’t recommend it for freezing weather or while it’s snowing because it probably won’t provide sufficient warmth. 

the curated classic camel coat
the curated classic camel coat review

Although the Curated Classic Camel Coat is not cheap at $350, plus shipping and custom fees, depending on which country you live in, I highly recommend this coat to everyone. It has a timeless classic look that pairs with a multitude of outfits, while providing warmth and durability. As long you properly take care of this coat by making sure to dry clean it and avoiding ironing, this coat will last you for many years or even decades! 

I hope you found this review of the classic camel coat helpful! If you have any questions or feedback regarding this review, feel free to leave me a comment below or email me. I’m always happy to help and thank you so much for reading!