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Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens: A Gemstone in the Heart of EscondidoFeatured

stone brewing

Stone Brewery Experience

This past weekend, I took the train down to San Diego to visit my boyfriend. On Saturday, we decided to check out Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens in Escondido since it received thousands of 5 star reviews.

I thought to myself “Is this brewery really worth the hype?”

The answer is a sound YES!

The Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens in Escondido, is one of the largest breweries in all of southern California, and is Stone’s headquarters.

When we arrived, we were shocked by how big the brewery was. The walkway from the parking lot to the brewery was mystical as it was covered in ivys and other green plants. The lobby was castle like in nature with its majestic brown doors and high ceilings. Immediately to the left, was a gift shop selling t-shirts, jackets, cups, and other Stone Brewery souvenirs.

Open Bar
stone brewing

When we arrived at 4:45 pm on Saturday, we were told that there was a 25 minute wait for a table.

As one of the most stunning and historical breweries in all of California, it’s no surprise that Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens is packed from open to close on a daily basis. If you don’t want to wait for a table or have limited time, I highly recommend you reserve a table online.

For us, it was perfectly fine because we went to the open bar and got some drinks. I got a glass of wine and Juan got the scorpion beer. With our drinks in our hands, we explored the brewery and the infamous world garden.

Whatever your preference is, you can choose to sit indoors or outdoors, both of which are fabulous choices. The outside seating, however, is slightly more marvelous because it’s located in the beautiful garden. The outdoor area features 2 outdoor mini bars, tons of seating options, a small trail, beautiful pond, games for kids, and a 1 acre organic farm. It’s honestly the perfect setting to get all your loved ones together to hang out and relax. With over 35 specialty types of beers and an extensive wine list, there is something for everyone!

Last but not least, Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens in Escondido offers tours of their brewing facility and packaging area. For just $8 per adult, you will get a close look at the machines, learn the ins and outs of the beer making process, and taste several specialty beers on tap!

stone brewing

Outfit Details

stone brewing and world gardens


The perfect coat to spice up any outfit. Not only is it soft, but it looks even more stunning in person. FYI, the jacket is more of a fashion piece and may not be ideal for very cold weather.


I actually bought my booties from Nordstrom last year but they sold out due to popular demand. I have linked the Reece Black Suede bootie, which is very similar.


Unfortunately, my bag was a limited edition and has sold out. However, I have linked to the Tory Burch cross body purses page.


My go to black leggings for everyday and workout wear! 

Thank you for reading! If you have not already, discover the 10 Best Things to Do in Phuket and find out what Boulder Bay Park in Big Bear is like.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions 🙂 

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Best Lipsticks for FallFeatured


         I can’t believe it’s already November! Everything is happening so fast and the holidays are just around the corner. Anywho, I know all you ladies know that lipstick is the perfect final touch for your look. Whether you’re going for a casual, simple look or a full glam makeover, choosing the right lipstick can definitely get overwhelming, especially with all the lipstick brands and shades on the market. Well, I thought this would be a good time to share with you my favorite (aka best) lipsticks for fall.

         Before we dive into my favorite lipsticks for fall, let’s start with the prep work. You’re probably wondering “prep work? What’s that?” Well, all it really consists of is applying chap stick and lip liner in order to make your lipstick have that final WOW factor.

Preparation: Fresh sugar lip scrub

         To get my lips soft and exfoliated, I like to use the Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub once a week. At $24 a jar, the lip scrub may at first seem pricey, but it is worth every dollar because it works wonders on my lips. The lip scrub is gentle exfoliant that buffs away dry flakes from your lips leaving them soft and smooth. Made from brown sugar crystals, natural humectants, shea butter, and jojoba oil, it also conditions the lips and makes them perfect for prime lipstick application.

         To use the sugar lip scrub, all you have to do is gently dab a very tiny amount of the scrub onto your finger. Then, rub the scrub all over your upper and lower lip. Wait a few minutes for the scrub to work its magic on your lips before washing it off with water. Within seconds, you will surely notice how much softer and refreshed your lips feel.


Click HERE to get your chapstick from Amazon.

         The next step is to apply a moisturizing chapstick. I personally use the Burts Bees tinted chapstick or the Blistex chapstick, which can both be purchased on Amazon or at your nearest CVS store.

Lip Liner

          The next step is to use a lipliner in order to outline the shape of your lips. The lipliner helps define your lips, makes them appear fuller, and acts as a helping hand when applying your lipstick. I am currently using the Bite beauty matte creme lip crayon in the Glace color. According to various makeup professionals, it is best to choose a lip liner shade that is closest to your lip color. Getting a lip liner that matches each and every one of your lipsticks can be time consuming and costly.

         The bite beauty matte creme lip crayon in Glace is an amazing lip liner and I full on rave about it. The crayon is creamy, highly pigmented, long-wearing, and hydrating with a matte finish. With over 2,000  5 star reviews on Sephora and shades to match all types of lip colors, I’m certain you will love it to!

5 Best Fall Lipsticks

1) Bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick (chai)

         Okay, I am so in love with this lipstick at the moment! Are you looking for that perfect fall lipstick that isn’t too bright and is great for everyday wear? Well, this is the perfect one for you. The amuse bouche lipstick is creamy, easy to apply, and highly moisturizing. In addition, this lipstick is balanced with lip quenching nutrients, vitamins, and omega oils. Not to mention, it tastes like chai tea! The color is a beautiful and natural looking dark pink color and looks great on all skin colors. This lipstick will knock your pants off, i’m certain.

2) MakeUp Forever Artist Rouge Creme Lipstick (C211)

        The makeup forever artist rouge creme in C211  is similar to the Bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick in Chai, but slightly darker and just as beautiful. The artist rouge lipstick is very pigmented, long lasting, creamy, and even seems to make my lips appear fuller. Great for everyday wear or on a date. I can’t wait to try the artist rouge creme lipstick in different shades.

3) BareMinerals GenNude Liquid Lipstick (Swank)

         The Bare Minerals GenNude Liquid lipstick is as its name says a liquid lipstick! Untwist the cap off and simply dab the color onto your lip. The liquid lipstick in the swank color is a dark and moisturizing full coverage lipstick with a matte finish. It is creamy, velvety, and glides on the lips without any effort. I usually do not buy matte lipsticks because they are typically drying. The Bare minerals GenNude lipstick, unlike other matte lipsticks, keeps my lips hydrated for several hours and doesn’t get hard. The swank color is great for a night out or making a statement.

4) MakeUp Forever Artist rouge creme Lipstick (C206)

        Beware, the Makeup forever Artist Rouge lipstick is pink! It is highly pigmented, creamy, and just plain fun. This is not your typical daily lipstick, but rather one you would wear on special occasions. If you’re not scared of being bold and different, I dare you to try this lipstick.

5) Urban decay lipstick (f-bomb)

         The Urban Decay lipstick in F-Bomb is the most amazing color of red you will ever see! The color is bright and vibrant, with a little shine. Not only does it glide on well but it is also creamy and long-lasting. Packed with aloe vera, jojoba, vitamin c, vitamin e, and various antioxidants, the lipstick provides highly pigmented color and essential nutrients that are beneficial for your lips.

I hope you enjoyed this post on the best lipsticks for fall. Give the lip scrub, lip liner, and some of these lipsticks mentioned above a try. I want to know what you think of them. What is your favorite lipstick color? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. If you haven’t read my previous blog, click HERE to read it.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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